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A. a place of origin, a mountain hut

B. a familiar or usual setting, familiar ground

C. a place where one feels in harmony with the surroundings

Abaita is a place of different paths that blend and merge together, creating new relationships. Abaita is the merge of worlds.  The Jewish and the Italian; the past and the present; our original home and the new home we built, who we were as individuals and who we are as a unit. 

Abaita is the love for ingredients and materials that holds memories within them - clay, dough, crisp leaves, wood, a brush stroke, a flowerpot, a favorite color. All those elements shape together a story.  The space and the guests bring them to life.

Commitment to take care of others is our core value. Our team is the key to it. Together we strive to delight our guests with great hospitality, culinary excellence, and a fantastic environment.